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Please feel free to use my guides as a reference for you and your team's Agile growth!  Thanks! - Amy Whicker

Failure Is Key To Success - Amy Whicker (pdf)


Futurespective Experiment (pdf)


Agile Conferences

Conference Speaker, at the Southern Fried Agile Conference 2017

  November 30, 2017
Charlotte, NC  

 Amy Whicker will be speaking at the Southern Fried Agile Conference on "Failure is key to success: leveraging the agile mindset".  

The agile mindset is a mindset of growth and innovation.  Innovation and growth happen most when we have the freedom and safety to fail.   When we step out of our comfort zone to explore the unknown we need to feel safe to fail in order to fully embrace the exploration of unknown without fear.  We all make mistakes, especially when exploring the unknown.  What's important is that we learn from those makes and make better mistakes tomorrow.  Leveraging the agile mindset, with the freedom to fail, increases the opportunity for teams and companies to learn from mistakes, adapt, and innovate.  Lets make better mistakes tomorrow!

Join us and your agile colleagues for Southern Fried Agile 2017, November 30th at the Charlotte Convention Center!  

Finance Team Lead, organizing the 2017 Mile High Agile Conference

 May 22 - 23, 2017
Denver, CO 

  Amy Whicker was the Finance Team lead for the Mile High Agile Conference 2017.  She was an active member of the organizing team and was pleased when we sold out of tickets for this event and filled the sponsorships! ​ 2017 Mile High Agile Conference “Elevating the Agile Organization”

 Thought-provoking and useful sessions on: Leading Enterprise Transformation Organization, Culture and Collaboration Product Ownership Agile Beyond Software Agile Fundamentals Technical ​ More on the Event: ​As the Agile Methodologies continue to grow, adapt, and evolve, it becomes more apparent that it is not just a project management method for delivering software faster.