About Amy Whicker

Agile Solutions For Success

Amy Whicker started her career as a computer science professor. She taught many computer languages and the theory behind waterfall and Agile. After 9 years of teaching, Amy decided to transition into industry. Once in industry, she played different roles on Agile teams and became an instant Agile Enthusiast. 

After finding her love for Agile, she continued her career as a scrum master for a few years. She now uses her skills acquired as a professor to coach and consult Agile. Amy recently moved to Charlotte, where she is a consultant helping with the Agile transformation at Bank of America.  

Amy Whicker has worked in technology within the following industires: finance/banking, non-profit, recreation, retail, and software development.  Amy is uniquely qualified to serve the financial industry's technical needs because one of her four degrees is in accounting and she has worked in the financial/banking industry for many years.  ​ Amy is active in the Agile community and was one of the lead organizers for the Mile High Agile 2017 conference in Denver, CO.  She will be speaking on November 30, 2017 at the 2017 Southern Fried Agile Conference at the Charlotte Conference Center.

The last 5 years, Amy Whicker has been on Agile teams, helping with Agile transformations in both large and small organizations.  She has done anything from full stack web development to product management.  Amy has played every role on a Kanban and Scrum team and enjoys sharing with others about what she has learned on her journey. ​ Amy 4 Agile offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization's Agile Growth or Agile Transformation.  

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